Analog Nights Wallpaper Print in Glimmer design by Aimee Wilder


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“27”” x 15′ – Single RollHow to Measure: We recommend measuring with a yardstick or steel tape measure. Makeyour measurements in feet and round off to the next half foot or foot.Measure the wall height from the floor to the ceiling, excluding anybaseboards or moldings. Then measure the length of the wall withoutdeducting for windows or doors (this will leave you extra wallpaper incase you may need it). Multiply the two measurements to find thesurface area of the wall.All single rolls of our paper are 15 feet long, but widths vary from27-28 inches. We plan on including more detailed information about eachdesign in the wallpaper, but in the meantime, please contact us if yourequire the exact width of a design. To find the surface area of asingle roll multiply the paperÂ?s width and length, and then use this toestimate the number of rolls you will need to cover your wall.If you are unsure, please contact us before making a purchase.How to Hang: We recommend that a professional experienced in paper hanging installall wallpaper. We cannot be held responsible for improperly hung paper.Please note that mylar papers can be scratched or dulled bywallpaper smoothing tools. To avoid damage, wrap tools in chamois,lubricate tools with glue, or smooth paper by hand.Please contact us for additional recommendations regarding specific hanging situations.Please note, Burke Decor does not accept wallpaper returns at thistime. Why? Wallpaper is produced in batches (similar to tile) and dueto dye-lot variations that occur based on when the rolls are produced,we are unable to accepts returns. *NOTE: The minimum requirement to order is 2 single rolls, which may be shipped as 1 doubleroll bolt. Orders may also be shipped as a combination of double and single rolls. “